Event Planner

Participating in a trade show can be time-consuming, but our digital Event Planner allows you to quickly and easily manage all aspects of your participation.

The Event Planner allows you to:

  • Upload your stand design
  • Order furniture, electric power supply, stand cleaning and other items
  • Order custom services such as trusses, wired internet and catering
  • Invite your relations and VIPs
  • Setting up the lead scanner
  • View and download documents (exhibitor manual and more)
  • Upload your corporate details for the website and the catalogue
  • Upload your products for the search and find function

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New, upload your products

Research shows that “learning about new products” is by far the most important reason to visit a trade show. That’s why we have developed a new module allowing visitors to search for, find, select, view and print products and exhibitors. How does it work? You may upload up to five products, assign them to a product category, add photos and attachments, and tag them as being new, a bestseller, or on sale. Give these products a prominent place in your stand and the leads will follow!

We can help your stand become popular

An empty restaurant doesn’t attract people, and neither does an empty stand. Attract visitors to your stand by being popular! The solution is easy: invite your existing relations to visit your stand!

How does it work? You will receive a unique invitation code granting your relations free access to Solar Solutions International. Send this invitation code to all your relations. The Event Planner offers you handy tools such as an invitation template, logo packages, the manual “How to turn your trade show participation into a success?” and the possibility to invite up to ten relations as VIP.

Are you too busy to send the invitations yourself? Make use of our invitation service and allow us to send two invitational mails on behalf of your company. (Of course we will not use your list of addresses for any other purpose and will destroy the list after sending the invitations.)

The lead scanner

Our lead scanner app allows you to use your own phone to scan the barcode on the visitor’s badge of any potential customer. Misplacing a business card and losing an important lead will never happen again as the lead scanner gives you immediate access to all available data on your contacts. You are able to enter notes about your contacts or plan meetings with them and confirm these through mail. At any given moment you may export all data to an Excel spreadsheet.